Customer Testimonials – PerCal Naturals

Customer Testimonials

Time Frame: 6 weeks results (Based on date purchased and date reviewed)
Jazmyne's review:
PerCal Naturals is worth it! I've tried so many things and it's the only thing that has worked!
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Time Frame: 3 weeks results (Based on date purchased and date reviewed)
Stephanie's Review:
It works. Since I entered in my 30s I've struggled with some acne on one side of my cheek amd some on the other. Nothing worked, mostly i was using neutrogena. I felt like my cheek was a pop it gadget. Three will come up in a row go down amd three somewhere else will pop up, go down and the first three will appear again. It was very frustrating. But after I gave this one a shot I've noticed overall my whole face appearance has changed along with the acne on my cheeks are getting lighter. I am on week 3. My acne is not gone but I see a difference. I really do wish the face wash was in a little bigger bottle to last a little longer I only use two pumps per wash, but thank you for making this kit.
Time Frame: 7 weeks results (Based on date purchased and date reviewed)

Crystal's review:

"It really works! I've been dealing on and off with acne since college, I've seen countless dermatologist, was even on accutane, but nothing has kept my face actually clear like this!"