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Money Back Guarantee

100 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions


“After struggling with adult acne for so long, trying everything under the sun, these natural products are what saved my skin. I believe in them so much and have seen them work on so many others, that I’m willing to give you a money back guarantee!” - Mariela 

Please keep in mind that you must be patient with your skin and there is no product in the world that will give you overnight results. Everybody is different. Some may see results in 2 weeks, for others it takes 2 months. Nevertheless, we are confident that you will see positive results on your skin if you use the products correctly and consistently for at least 3 months!

In the rare event that you don't see improvement on your skin, here are the conditions and steps on how to claim your money back for the products you purchased.


  • We are only able to guarantee money back for the Complete Natural Acne Routine 
  • Each kit is a month’s worth of supply. You must have purchased enough product to use for at least 3 months  
  • We are unable to refund shipping fees 

Step 1: You must take a ‘before’ picture before you start using the products in order for you to have a reminder of your progress that you can look back at. 

You MUST email us your ‘before’ picture to within 3 days of receiving your products. If you do not follow this step, we are not able to validate your money back claim. We do this in order to avoid people trying to scam the system by sending us inaccurate photos of their skin progress. 

Please include your name in the subject line. 

Step 2: Be sure to follow the "how to use" process for a minimum of 90 days. Remember to be patient with your skin and consistently use the products everyday as indicated. 

Step 3: After 100 days of using the Complete Acne Routine, if you don't see any improvements in your skin, take another picture. Please try to take the photo in the same lighting as your ‘before’ picture. Please email including in your email: 

  • Your before picture 
  • Your after picture 
  • All your order numbers from when you purchased the products 
  • Your feedback on the products and why do you think they didn’t work out for you