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Aceite Corporal Natural de Rosa Mosqueta
Aceite Corporal Natural de Rosa Mosqueta

Aceite Corporal Natural de Rosa Mosqueta

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Puede ayudar a tratar :

  • Acné Corporal
  • Hiperpigmentación
  • Estrías
  • Rosácea
  • Eczema
  • Soriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Pilaris
  • Cicatrices
  • Erupciones
  • Golpes de navaja

Ingredientes : aceite de semilla de rosa mosqueta prensado en frío, rosa mosqueta deshidratada, aceite de semilla de girasol

Aceite de Rosa Mosqueta Natural

  • Hidratante, antienvejecimiento, ilumina la piel, promueve la curación, reduce la pigmentación y reduce las estrías.
  • Cualidades antiinflamatorias y antioxidantes
  • Tratamiento tópico efectivo para afecciones de la piel como eccema, acné, psoriasis y dermatitis.


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  • Nuestros productos están hechos a mano con ingredientes 100% naturales y absolutamente sin conservantes. Todos los productos se fabrican a pedido, espere de 4 a 7 días hábiles para su procesamiento.

  • Nuestros productos han ayudado a miles a tratar la piel problemática de forma natural (p. ej., acné, eczema, cicatrización, hiperpigmentación, etc.), pero no se garantiza que funcionen en las condiciones de todos. Nuestros productos no están aprobados por la FDA. No podemos dar consejos médicos sobre su condición. Por favor, consulte a su médico para sus preocupaciones médicas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews


So glad you loved it!

Marlene Villasana
Awesome for pregnant mommy!

Helped soothe itching on my stretch marks! And helped reduce the visibility of them. 💜

Aww that's awesome to know! Thank you so much! <3

lou hardy
loving it - rose hip oil (paired with face wash)

I have been enjoying this product. I use the face wash and at night I apply this oil. I also use it on my hair sometimes. I have been using it for 2/3 months and have only used about a forth of the product. Knowing it is all natural doesn't make me scared to use it on both my skin and hair (I have not had a product like this before since most products in the beauty industry are in their own categories). To anyone looking for a natural face and hair oil, I would recommend trying this product. I have had constant acne for about three years now and most products don't help :( The face wash improved my acne within two days of using it, but I am glad I bought the face oil to go with it because it helps hydrate my skin after the face wash. I started crying one day because usually the product I buy doesn't work but these ones don't make me feel insecure in public about my skin. Thank you for taking the time and energy to create these products, you have changed my confidence :)

Raquel Scianna
Rose hip oil

I love this oil!!! This is my 4th bottle!! I have very sensitive skin & chronic eczema. I can’t use many products most things irritate me even if they are natural this does not. I use it as day moisturizer all over my body & coconut oil at night with this over. It makes my skin very hydrated & never irritates my inflamed areas. I’m so grateful to have found this product & I hope it will always be available!

Rosehip oil

I really love this oil. Makes my skin feelbsilky smooth.